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Terms and Conditions - If you wish to become a customer or active user of our webshop, read our Terms and Conditions carefully and only in case you should use our services if you agree with all your points and consider them binding for yourself. This document is not filed, it is only in electronic form. This means that an online sales contract is concluded. The contract is not searchable and does not refer to a code of conduct. In connection with the operation, ordering and delivery process of the webshop If you have any questions, we are at your disposal! The essential characteristics of the contract can be defined as follows: 1. Operator data, information 2. Complaint management 3. Hosting provider 4. Presentation of the range of products and services available for purchase 5. Classification of products offered 6. Description of order information 7. Information about the processing of orders 8. Presentation of the steps of your order 9. Description of payment of the ordered product / home delivery fee 10. Presentation of information and information about delivery to your house 11. Description of the information on tariffs for delivery to the house 12. Call for receipt of parcels 13. Information on warranty, product warranty and warranty 14. Information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal/cancellation 15. Privacy policy 16. Remedies 17. Model withdrawal/cancellation declaration 18. Other provisions, information 1. Operator data, information Company name: S.Princess Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as For Sale) Headquarters: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 49. Correspondence: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 49. Location: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 49. Tax number: 12775970-2-42 Company Registration Number: 01-09-731223 Court of Registration, document office: Metropolitan General Court Language of contract: English Email / Availability: 06-1-341-4955 Name of delivery partner: Foxpost Zrt., General Logistics Systems Hungary Parcel-Logistics Ltd. (GLS) by Magyar Posta Zrt. (MPL) Personal pick-up: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 49. Orders are processed on weekdays: Mon-Fri between 8 am and 5 pm. Average time of fulfillment of orders: 3-7 working days. Domain of webshop: 2. Complaint management The Seller will make every effort to obtain any Customer complaints or settle the excuses peacefully. Contact details for the communication of complaints Address: S.Princess Ltd. 1061 Budapest, Andrássy Avenue 49. Email / Phone number: 06-1-341-4955 The Seller guarantees to process and respond to complaints received within 30 days. If the parties do not know the complaint or objection amicably The Customer may have recourse to a remedy, concerning which information is provided in this document 16. You can get to know me at point. 3. Hosting provider Hosting company name: Hetzner Online GmbH. Hosting service headquarters / address: Industr. 25. 91710 Gunzenhausen | Germany Hosting service email address: | 4. Scope of products and services available for purchase Order clothing products in the webshop online, the by Domain It is provided through the interface of the available webshop. Receipt them in person at our premises, or possible by courier service. 5. The products offered can be categorized as follows: Clothing products and accessories The gross price (27% VAT) for the products is shown, but not includes the cost of home delivery, as well as the cost of cash on delivery. No additional packaging costs will be charged. 6. Order information Purchases are possible without registration if you wish at the next time you make a purchase just to compile the contents of the cart, it can be practical to make the registration. Our webshop is The EU does not apply area restrictions or different pricing in accordance with Regulation 2018/302. We undertake the delivery of the ordered product(s) within the European Union. 7. Processing of orders Orders are processed on weekdays between Mon-Fri from 8 am to 5 pm. It is also possible to place an order outside the dates indicated as the order processing If it is submitted after the end of working hours, it will be processed the following day. Our customer service will always confirm your order by email. Overall performance deadline, within 3-7 working days from confirmation. As shown in the product profile Images may differ from the real one, in some cases they are presented as illustrations. Our company is not assumes responsibility for any technical information of the supplier or for reasons beyond its control change without prior notice. We reserve the right to refuse orders that have already been confirmed in part or in full overall. Part-time performance only after consultation with the customer It could happen! In case of advance payment of the purchase price of the product, the amount will be refunded for the sender. If you do not receive the given e-mail after sending the order at the address confirmation, we recommend that you check the SPAM folder in the mail in its system. If you have not received the confirmation, please contact us at the contact details provided. 8. Order process 1. Add the product you want to buy to the cart (pre-in the cart, from the nature of the product Depending on the size and color, a choice should also be made. 2. By dragging the mouse pointer to the basket icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can view the the contents of the cart or you can move on to enter the order details. If you want to change your cart If you have a coupon code, you can select the Cart button. If the order is If you want to move on, click on the Pay button. 3. You can shop in our webshop either without registration as a guest or registered also as a user. If you are already registered on our site, choose the option to log in. 4. Enter your shipping/Invoicing address. 5. Selection of delivery/receipt method. 6. Select a payment method (online credit card/cans on delivery/receipt point). 7. Once you have entered the details, you can send them by clicking on the "And order" button before placing your order, however, you can check the data provided again. If necessary, this you can change the data provided on the page or go back to the contents of the cart amendment as well. After placing your order with our Customer Service you can change your order details by contacting us if the package has not yet transferred to our shipping partner. 8. After sending the order, the order will be confirmed to the given e-mail address arrival in our system. *Sending the order is possible without registration! If you would like to register, the you will be able to register as a registered user in the future and send your order immediately to without providing shipping and billing information. It is important to pay attention to the accuracy of the data, because the the product will be invoiced or shipped based on the data provided. Registration must be once You no longer have to complete this step for subsequent purchases. Please pay special attention to the accurate provision of contact details. Wrongly entered email address In this case, we will not be able to deliver the confirmation of receipt of the order. If the you can't find the confirmation in the received messages folder, check SPAM - spam Folder as well. In case of incorrect phone number, we are unable to contact you. Incorrectly or due to incomplete contact details provided, the fulfillment of the order could be impossible. If, for any reason, the delivery specified in the order process We are unable to deliver the product for a fee, we will always contact you. Our company products marked with “0 HUF” due to any technical or administrative error or mispriced does not fulfill your order. 9. method of payment of the ordered product / home delivery fee If you have chosen the payment option at the time of receipt of the package, the ordered product The courier must be paid. The total amount to be paid is a summary of the order and a confirmation letter Based on all costs. The invoice and the guarantee letter are included in the package. We ask the at the time of delivery, please examine the package in front of the courier and possibly detected on the package In case of injury, ask for a report, do not take over the package. Subsequent minutes We cannot accept complaints without them. Credit card payment Online payment after providing the data requested in case of an order, the webshop will pay the customer will be transferred from the preparatory page to the secure payment page of Stripe, where the payment will be made The required card details are required. Data content of the Stripe payment page by the merchant It is not known because it is an independent and protected website. Stripe Privacy Policy: 10. Home delivery, information The orders of our webshop are primarily placed with Magyar Posta Zrt. (MPL) and Foxpost Zrt. We are in contact with General Logistics Systems Hungary Package Logistics Ltd. (GLS) and Packeta Hungary Ltd. Parcels are delivered on working days between 8 a.m. and 18 p.m. If you are not at home during this period, you may want to provide your working address as your shipping address. The courier service will attempt delivery at least twice, but will always send you a notification by e-mail or SMS. On request, it is possible to agree with the delivery date. 11. Fee for home delivery In the case of payment by credit card, gross within the territory of Hungary is HUF 1,950. In the case of cash on delivery (payment is made by courier upon receipt of the product) gross HUF 2,550 within the territory of Hungary. The shipping fee within the territory of Hungary over 25,000 HUF is FREE! Personal pick-up at our pick-up point is FREE! For shipping across the borders of Hungary, prices may vary. For each order, we prepare a preliminary calculation, which is sent to the customer, the package is sent when the shipping cost is approved by the customer. 12. Call for receipt of parcels By sending the order, you will be obliged to pay. Order only in case and the desired products, provided that you can pay the courier upon receipt of the package! In the case of parcels not received, returned, re-send it only for the price of the parcel advance transfer – we can start again in case of payment! 13. Information on warranty, product warranty and warranty 1. Warranty In what cases can you exercise your warranty right? You are S.Princess Ltd. in the event of defective performance, a warranty claim against the company You can enforce it according to the rules of the Civil Code. What rights do you have based on your warranty claim? You may, at your option, exercise the following warranty claims: exchange, unless it is impossible to fulfill a claim of your choice or would entail disproportionate additional costs for the undertaking compared to meeting its other needs. If a has not requested or could not request repair or replacement, you can request compensation proportionate delivery, or the error can be corrected at the expense of the business, or with another have it repaired or, as a last resort, withdraw from the contract. Selected warranty you may transfer from one right to another, but you will bear the cost of the change, unless justified; The company gave a reason for it. What is the deadline for you to enforce your warranty claim? You are obliged to discover the defect immediately after it is discovered, but no later than after the discovery of the defect expected to be announced within two months. However, please note that the contract beyond the limitation period of two years from the date of its performance, its warranty rights are no longer you can enforce it. Who can you enforce your warranty claim against? You can enforce your warranty claim against the company. What are the other conditions for exercising your warranty rights? Error in enforcing your warranty claim within six months of performance There are no other conditions than communication if you prove that the product or service is by S. Princess Ltd. provided by the company. Six months after the completion, you you must prove that the defect you have identified already existed at the time of performance. 2. Product warranty In what cases can you exercise your product warranty right? In the event of a defect in a movable thing (product), you are at your option in accordance with the 1. the right set out in point (e) or can enforce a product warranty claim. What rights do you have based on your product warranty claim? As a product warranty claim, you may only request the repair or replacement of the defective product. In what cases is the product considered defective? A product is defective if it does not comply with the quality in force when it is placed on the market requirements or, if it does not have the description provided by the manufacturer with properties. What is the deadline for you to enforce your product warranty claim? You have a product warranty claim for two years from the date of placing the product on the market by the manufacturer You can enforce it within. At the end of that period, it shall lose that right. Against whom and under what other conditions can you enforce your product warranty claim? Warranty claim against the manufacturer or distributor of movable property you can exercise. The defect of the product must be claimed by you in the event of a product warranty claim to prove it. In what cases is the manufacturer (distributor) exempt from its product warranty obligation? The manufacturer (distributor) is exempt from its product warranty obligation only if you can prove that: – the product has not been manufactured or placed on the market in the course of its business, or – the defect was not, according to the state of science and technology, at the time of placing on the market; You are recognizable – the defect in the product results from the application of legislation or a mandatory official regulation. It is sufficient for the manufacturer (distributor) to prove one reason for the exemption. Please note that warranty and product warranty claim for the same defect cannot be enforced simultaneously and in parallel. effective product warranty claim However, in the event of validation, the replaced product or the repaired part enforce your warranty claim against the manufacturer. (If the company is required to provide a guarantee by law or contract, the following 3 insertion of point It is also required in the information) 3. Warranty In what cases can you exercise your warranty right? 151/2003 in case of defective performance. (IX. 22)The load. S.Princess Ltd. is guaranteed by the obliged. What rights and within what period do you have under the warranty? The warranty period is one year. The company is obliged, together with the consumer goods, to make it available to the consumer in a form that ensures the end of the warranty period readability of the contents of the warranty ticket. When is the company released from its warranty obligation? The company is exempt from its warranty obligation only if it proves that the The cause of the error occurred after the execution. Please note that a warranty and warranty claim for the same defect, or you cannot enforce a product warranty and warranty claim simultaneously and in parallel, The rights under the warranty are 1. and 2. as defined in point They are entitled regardless of rights. 14. Information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal/cancellation You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. Similarly, if the in the case of a contract for the provision of services, the performance of the contract has begun, you are entitled to Cancell the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The withdrawal/cancellation period is 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal/cancellation, clearly including your intention to withdraw/cancellation must send your declaration (e.g. by post, fax or e-mail) to: S.Princess Ltd. 1061 Budapest, Andrássy Avenue 49. Email address: For this purpose, you may use this document. withdrawal/cancellation at point model declaration as well. You exercise your right of withdrawal/cancellation within the deadline if you send it before the expiry of the deadline indicated above Declaration of withdrawal/cancellation. It is for the consumer to prove that Article 45/2014. (II. 26)The load. 20 of Regulation. § has exercised a specific right of withdrawal and termination in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation. The legal effects of withdrawal/cancellation: If you withdraw from this contract, immediately, but no later than in the event of your withdrawal We will refund all payments made by you within 14 days of receipt. compensation, including transport costs (except for additional costs which: because you are different from the cheapest standard mode of transport we offer You have chosen a mode of transportation.)Payment made during the refund in the original transaction we use the same payment method, unless you are using another payment method expressly consent to the use of this method of refund to you There is no additional cost. We may withhold the refund until we have received the product or you have not proved that you have returned it: the earlier of the two dates must be taken into account. You are obliged to S.Princess Ltd. 1061 Budapest, Andrássy Avenue 49. address the product is unjustified without delay, but no later than 14 days from the date of notification of your withdrawal sent back or handed over. The time limit shall be deemed to have been complied with if before the expiry of the 14-day period send the product. The direct cost of returning the product will be borne by you. You shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the goods. use necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product; This is due to overuse. Returned goods must have on the product with a label and fixed in its original place and plastic thread in its original place with logo. The product must not be damaged or used. If the product is damaged or the primary there are signs of over-test wear, as a result of the resulting depreciation, and The Buyer is responsible for damage and costs. The Customer is the nature and characteristics of the product is responsible for depreciation resulting from use in excess of the use required to establish it. This is the amount may be deducted from the sale price returned to the Buyer. In person to our pick-up point even in the case of returned products, a refund of the purchase price shall be made within the time limit laid down in the Regulation. In case of withdrawal due to size or color change, the new product features are new An order must be submitted on the interface of the webshop. The consumer is not entitled to the right of withdrawal / termination under 45/2014 (II.26.)The load. Regulation 29. §. (1) in its cases: (a) in the case of a contract for the provision of a service, the performance of the service as a whole; after that, if the performance has started with the express prior consent of the consumer, and the consumer acknowledged that after the performance of the service as a whole, his right of termination lost; (b) in respect of a product or service the price or charge of which is a financial market undertaking; It is beyond the control of 20. It is also possible within the deadline set out in subsection (2) depends on its fluctuations; (c) in the case of a non-preduced product which, on the basis of instructions from the consumer or expressed have been produced at your request or in the case of a product which is clearly personal to the consumer; tailored; (d) in respect of a perishable or short-lived product; (e) in respect of a sealed product which, for reasons of health protection or hygiene, is: shall not be returned after opening after delivery; (f) in respect of a product which by its nature is inseparably mixed after delivery; with other products; (g) in respect of alcoholic beverages the actual value of which is not by the undertaking; depends on market fluctuations and the price of which the parties sell agreed at the time of the conclusion of the contract, however, to perform the contract only from the conclusion take place after the thirtieth day of the calculated year; (h) *, with the exception of paragraph 2, in the case of a business contract in which the the business visits the consumer at the express request of the consumer for urgent repair or maintenance for the purpose of carrying out work; (i) copies of sealed audio or video recordings and computer software; in respect of its sale, if the consumer has opened the packaging after delivery; (j) newspapers, periodicals and periodicals, with the exception of subscription contracts; (k) in the case of contracts concluded by public auction; l) contracts for the provision of accommodation other than residential services, transport, car rental, catering or leisure activities in the case of a service contract, if the delivery date specified in the contract is: or a time limit has been set; (m) in respect of digital data supplied on a non-temital medium, where the undertaking is: the consumer has commenced the performance with his express prior consent, and the consumer At the same time, he agreed to acknowledge that the commencement of performance He then loses 20. rights under §. 2. In the case referred to in paragraph 1(h), Article 20. § the right by the consumer specifically requested services and used for maintenance or repair covers services or products offered in addition to replacement parts. 15. Privacy policy Click on the following URL to view the privacy policy: 16. Legal possibilities Consumer protection (Distro District Office) If the Customer’s complaint cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the Customer (if you qualify as a consumer), you can contact the region with territorial jurisdiction in connection with your complaint to the office. Contact details of the consumer protection departments of regional government offices: Online dispute resolution platform If you wish to lodge a complaint about a product or service purchased online, the European You can also submit your complaint through the online dispute resolution platform set up by the Commission. through the website. As a Hungarian online advisory point, You can also contact the Budapest Conciliation Body. The board is waiting for the following telephone number consumers and businesses in connection with the online dispute resolution process and further related questions: +36 1 488 2033. You can also contact the following email address for Conciliation by the Conciliation Body You can also contact the Budapest Conciliation Body as a Hungarian online advisory point. The Board, waiting for consumers and businesses at the following telephone number for online dispute resolution procedural and further related questions: +36 1 488 2033. The following email You can also Find out more They are available in on the website. 17. Model withdrawal/cancellation declaration Model withdrawal/cancellation declaration (complete and return only in case of intention to withdraw/cancellation from the contract) Addressed to S.Princess Ltd. 1061 Budapest, Andrássy Avenue 49. I, the undersigned, declare that I practice/practy withdrawal/cancellation my right to sell or provide the following product(s) with regard to the contract: Order ID: Name of product(s): Date of conclusion of contract / date of receipt: Name of the consumer(s): Title of the consumer(s): Number of consumer(s): Date: Signature of the consumer(s): (for paper declaration only) 18. Other provisions, information In matters not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, the Civil Code, 45/2014. (II. 26)The load. Regulation and e-commerce services, and 2001 on certain issues relating to information society services. CVIII of the year. TV. The provisions govern. By browsing the pages of the webshop and by placing your order, you accept the by S. Princess Ltd. general terms and conditions. To download and view a printer-friendly version of this documentclick It's going. Date of entry into force of this document: 25 July 2019 Updated: 10 August 2021.